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The Mother Lode of Hilarious Notes About Mom

May 20 2014 - 4:32am

Mother's Day [1] has come and gone, and while we're still basking in all that precious love our children showed us, they never fail to amuse us either (even if it's at our expense). Like many a mama, you may have been presented with a sweet note or an adorable "All About My Mom" letter from your young child over the holiday, but be sure to check out some priceless examples that still have us cracking up.

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Must. Get. More. Chicken.

A mom can never have enough chicken.

Source: Instagram user ifergs [3]


Mom's too sexy for this poem.

Source: Instagram user milissia [4]


It might not be as odorless as you thought.

Source: Facebook user Mother Flacher's Crazy Sauce [5]

Mom, I Love You No Matter What

. . . Even if everyone else is on the fence.

Source: Instagram user barbiebieberandbeyond [6]

Reason Number Four Why I love My Mom

I think he meant to write this under reason number two.

Source: Instagram user adunkle28 [7]

Really Tall and Really Thin Mommy

Looks like that strawberry diet is paying off.

Source: Instagram user kathompson03 [8]

Broken Dreams Mama

Excuse me as I go and silently cry in the bathroom.

Source: Instagram user rachel12782 [9]


"I love you so much although you can be awkward."

Source: Instagram user mamaduck04 [10]

Poetic Poo

Hey, he could have said mom smelled like a banana split, and that she doesn't smell like . . . poo.

Source: Instagram user firstlady__west [11]

Mom's Favorite Thing to Do

What? Do I want to take a bubble bath? Oh no, no, no. I'd much rather clean our house — and believe me, it's not an easy task with these humongous feet.

Source: Instagram user chelsea_merica [12]

Rose are Red

. . . And then there's coffee.

Source: Instagram user ashleynh72 [13]

Meanie Mom

Don't sweat it, Mama. This just means you're doing a good job.

Source: Instagram user wereparents [14]

Smarty-Pants Mom

He was no Einstein, but some people did think that Michael Jackson [15] was a genius.

Source: Instagram user msbiibii06 [16]

Before Mom Had Kids

Thanks for the reminder, kid.

Source: Instagram user rnieves910 [17]

High-Tech Mama

Every mom's greatest joy: supplying her children with WiFi.

Source: Instagram user mariakansy [18]

Mom Loves "Mom Shows"

Everyone leave mom alone, she is about to watch her "Mom shows" (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). That includes you too, Dad.

Source: Instagram user mommabri [19]

Top 10 Reasons I Love My Mom

Or two. Whatever.

Source: Instagram user dannyelll_ [20]

My Mama Don't Cook

Everyone knows my mama don't cook. (See favorite food below.)

Source: Instagram user sheinks [21]

Self-Care Thanks

He's really got his typing down —now it's probably time to focus on wiping.

Source: Instagram user vpategas [22]

Mom's Favorite Food

Might be time to lay off the Paleo.

Source: Instagram user jennylouraya [23]

Hungry Love

Hint, hint.

Source: Instagram user _shai808 [24]

Road-Raging Mom

Child proudly hands this letter to his mom as he gets into the car after school. She lovingly starts reading it, "Oh, honey! Thank you so much! — HEY *SSHOLE!! IT'S CALLED A SCHOOL ZONE!"

Source: Instagram user pistolarosa [25]

Mommy's Got a Green Thumb

Although, really, it is more of a brownish-rotting-plants green.

Source: Instagram user krodning [26]

Why You Asking Me?

My mom's gonna do what my mom's gonna do!

Source: Instagram user lisahughes_fl [27]

I'm Gonna Need More Paper

And mama's gonna need more tissues! This is what it's all about.

Source: Instagram user neecyweecy [28]

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