31 American Horror Story GIFs That Will Prep You For the Freak Show

Sep 29 2014 - 1:08pm

In recent weeks, as we draw closer to the season premiere of American Horror Story [1], a veritable avalanche of teasers have hit the Internet. All the short teasers [2] have included everything from a three-legged contortionist to the most unsettling, terrifying clown you'll ever see. More recently, though, we got a full, in-depth look at the season in the form of a full-length, extended trailer [3], getting us more amped than ever for the new season. Keep scrolling for all the GIFs from every trailer so far, and prepare to freak out a little bit.

This Shocking Twist

See what we did there?

This Off-Hand Creepiness

Sorry, we can't seem to stop with the puns.

This Full-Blown Mayhem

We're still not sure what's scary about leaf blowers, but we're kinda creeped out nonetheless.

This Tweaked Clown

Well, this is weird.

This Classic Reveal

Kinda expected her to be more scary looking.

This Unsettling Moment

Well, and then this happens.

This Two-Faced Individual

We're dizzy, and a little confused.

This Sudden Double Vision

One second there's only one, but then you're seeing double.

This "Take a Bow" Moment

Are they conjoined twins? Or just back to back?

This Horrific Face

Never turning the lights off ever again. So, thanks Ryan Murphy.

These Meddling Kids

That's what you get, you nosy brats.

This Giant Man and Creepy Little Girl

This isn't terrifying at all! Just kidding we're never sleeping again.

This Other Giant Man and His Small Companian

Ah yes, the ol' through-the-legs trick.

This Ringleader Fierceness

Ready to conquer the world, one freak at a time.

This Steamy, Creepy Makeout Session

What is going on with those monster hands?

This Three-Breasted Seduction

Can't . . . stop . . . staring.

This Brute Strength

OK, we know he's a strongman, but what else does he do?

This Casual Beard Trimming

It's especially casual because it's a ladybeard.

This "Two Heads Are Better Than One" Moment

They really put their heads together whenever they encounter a tough problem, we're sure.

This Seemingly Normal Contortionist

I mean, the fact that she's this bendy is scary enough. But then . . .

This Surprise Third Leg

Oh, look, there's a third one. You know what? It's fine. That's totally fine.

This Other Three-Legged Performer

So wait, HOW many of these people have three legs?

This Gleeful Clown

Sure, he's dancing and stuff, but that's only because he's excited about MURDERING YOU.

This Terrifying Smile


This Smiling, Grimacing Clown

He almost looks friendly, right? . . . Right?!

This Moment Where the Clown Turns Into a Monster

NOPE. NOT FRIENDLY. This clown is about to eat your soul, and there's nothing you can do about it.

This Insane Sword-Swallower

So, you're saying ALL of his organs are cool with this? Oh, OK.

This Caged Lady and Dark Figure

Why is she in a cage? Why is this person terrorizing her?!

This Other Three-Legged Lady

Is this the same at the contortionist? Or is there just, like, a whole group of spider ladies walking around? Either way, nope.

This Forked Tongue

Gotta go. See you guys later.

This Monster Hand

Giant chicken creature? Minotaur? Some other nameless monster? Whatever's attached to this hand will be starring in your nightmares for the coming weeks.

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