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55 Times You Wanted to Be Part of the Friends Crew

Jan 26 2017 - 1:25pm

It's hard to believe that Friends [1] is more than 20 years old! Even now, we can't help but look back at all the funny moments that made us wish we were part of the cool Central Perk crew. From Chandler's sarcasm and Phoebe's one-liners [2] to Joey's food obsession and Rachel's hilarious relationships [3] with Monica and Ross. Relive all the most memorable Friends moments that made the group so lovable.

When Monica Dishes Out Some Real Talk

When Rachel and Chandler Refuse to Let Cheesecake Go to Waste

When Young Monica Gets Superworried About Her Kit Kats

When Joey Has His Food-Saving Priorities Straight, Too

When Chandler Gets Adorably Candid About Being Needy

When Ross Expresses His Feelings Nonverbally

When Phoebe Freaks Out

When Rachel and Monica Feel Awkward

When Chandler and Joey Test Their DIY Helmet

When Ross Reacts to Anything, Ever

When Phoebe Says It How She Sees It

When Rachel Fully Embraces Who She Is

When Joey Captures What Adulthood Is All About

When Phoebe Does Her Own Rendition of "Roxanne" by The Police

When Ross Does a Little Jig

When Rachel and Phoebe Go "Running"

When Joey and Chandler Do the Double Point

When Monica Gets Outrageously, Wonderfully Competitive

When Phoebe Teaches Joey How to Speak French

When Phoebe Belts Out Some Magical Lyrics

When Rachel Shows Off Her Pregnancy Talents

When Joey Puts Ross in His Place

When College-Aged Monica and Rachel Bust a Move

When Ross Offers Helpful Moving Tips

When Joey Properly Explains Party Etiquette

When Rachel Calls Out Monica

When Ross Ugly Cries

When Mike Puts His Air-Piano Skills on Display

When Rachel and Ross Put On a Show For Emma

When Joey and Chandler Say How They Really Feel

When Chandler and Monica Embrace Their Weirdness

When Phoebe Adorably Makes the Soul Mate-Lobster Connection

When Joey Drops His Best Pickup Line

When Ross Totally Freaks Out the Girls

When Monica Proves She's a Selfless Friend

When the Thanksgiving Football Game Gets Seriously Intense

When Rachel Gets Extrasassy

When Phoebe Shares an Insightful Dating Philosophy

When Joey and Ross Cuddle

When Rachel Gets Creative With Emma's Stuffed Animals

When Ross Gives Rachel a Grammar Lesson

When Monica Shimmies With a Turkey on Her Head

When Rachel Proves She Knows How to Catfight

When Joey Makes Perfect Sense

When Chandler Reveals His TV Guide Alter Ego

When the Group Tries to Get Experimental by Eating Wax

When Joey Admires His Friends' Handiwork

When Ross Says Rachel's Name at His Wedding

When Joey Feels Extracomfortable With Rachel

And, Obviousy, When Chandler and Joey Make This Epic Entrance

We Always Wished We Could Splash Around That Fountain

PS Bonus Points For Ross and Rachel's Cuteness

And Chandler and Monica's, Too

Let's Not Forget Their Friend Will and His Hair Flip

Oh, Friends, How We Love You So

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