How the Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Pulled Out All the Stops

Sep 2 2016 - 5:00pm

Now that Pretty Little Liars [1] is officially ending after season seven [2], sh*t is really starting to hit the fan. The Summer finale closed out the first half of the season with a bang: there was a truly gruesome death [3], a few characters were eliminated as "A.D." suspects [4], and when it comes to figuring out who actually is "A.D.," we've finally nailed down a pretty solid suspect list [5]. But this time around, that's just the tip of the iceberg. The Summer finale also left a whole bevvy of cliffhangers, burning questions, and game-changing twists in its wake.

Twist: Spencer Is Mary Drake's Second Child

Just as Spencer grapples with the fallout from a serious gunshot wound, Mary Drake drops a major bombshell: Spencer is her second child. It's pretty interesting, because all the girls hear her say it. Even Spencer seems to register the words before she passes out.

Cliffhanger: Jenna Is in the Custody of "A.D."

Shortly after (presumably) shooting Spencer, Jenna gets knocked unconscious by Mary Drake and dragged off by "A.D." Could "A.D." be grooming her to get back into the game with a vengeance? Or is something more sinister at play?

Twist: Noel Kahn Gets Beheaded

In a trap that seriously backfires, Noel falls onto his own ax after a scuffle with Hanna and Emily. He was heading in the wrong direction anyway, if you catch our drift.

Cliffhanger: Spencer's Been Shot and She's Bleeding Out

Oh, yes, let's talk about Spencer. After sustaining a gunshot wound in the school for the blind, Mary cradles her. Spencer's not doing well, though. She seems like she's bleeding out and quickly losing consciousness. Will she survive long enough to get the medical attention she needs?!

Twist: Alison Is Pregnant With Archer Dunhill's Child

What a horrible turn of events. It's unclear whether Alison wants to keep the baby or get rid of it (through adoption or perhaps even abortion), but one thing is obvious: she's devastated by the news.

Cliffhanger: Toby's Been in a Serious Car Accident

Toby almost makes it out of Rosewood. He leaves to start a new life with his beloved, Yvonne. He clearly doesn't make it very far, having suffered a horrific accident. Is he passed out? Is he dead? And what about Yvonne?!

Twist: Hanna and Caleb Reignite Their Fizzled Romance

I mean, it's hard to call this a twist, since we all kind of saw it coming. Nevertheless, it really does come at a surprising moment. Haleb forever.

Twist: Emily and Alison Bring Old Feelings to the Surface

Here's one flame we thought had been snuffed out forever. But, well, old habits die hard, and Emily and Alison's romantic feelings go way, way back. Who knows if it's a one-time thing or if it'll carry on into next season?!

Twist and Cliffhanger: Nicole Is Alive After All, and Aria Sees Her Reunion With Ezra on Camera

It's heartbreaking to watch. Aria thinks Ezra is back in the States but sees on TV that his ex, Nicole, is still very much alive. Their reunion is so loving, so desperately happy, we have no idea where Ezra will land. Will he continue on to wed Aria, or does Nicole's survival change everything?

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