7 Questions We Have After Finishing Stranger Things Season 1

Jul 22 2016 - 6:00pm

Stranger Things [1] packs a lot of punches into only eight episodes, and we're already trying to figure out what season two would be about [2]. The show hasn't yet been renewed [3], but we have so many questions about the end of season one! The finale provides closure and resolution to a lot of storylines, but it also cleverly leaves the door open for some crazy developments next season. Here are the lingering questions we have after finishing the first eight episodes.

Is Eleven still out there?

While it appears that Eleven dies while taking out the monster during the finale, there's a good chance she's still out there. Hopper leaves Eggos (her favorite) and Christmas cookies in a box by the forest in the flash forward, implying that she's still out there somewhere.

Does Eleven's mom know about what happened?

If you zoomed in on that newspaper article [4] explaining Will's mysterious reappearance to the public, you may have noticed the quote from "Ives," who we're assuming is Becky Ives, Eleven's biological aunt. As we see on the show, Eleven's mother has been in a catatonic state for quite some time, but is there a chance she could be revived if someone tells her that Eleven is still alive?

Is Will physically OK?

Poor Will spends most of the season hiding from a monster, then being fed monster slugs via a gross tube down his throat. In the finale, we see him coughing up a slug in the bathroom then going down to eat dinner like everything is normal. Are there more slugs down there? Are they monster babies?

Are those slugs going to get into the pipes?

If the slugs are monster babies, are they going to go down the pipes and into the Hawkins water supply? Are they about to take over the town, and if so, is this what season two will be about?

Is Jonathan emotionally OK?

Nancy ends up with Steve, who redeems himself by being a decent person with only slightly douchey tendencies. Unfortunately, we don't really get to see Jonathan's part in the love triangle be resolved. He's clearly in love with Nancy — will he ever truly get over her?

Is Dr. Brenner really dead?

It's unlikely that Dr. Brenner would survive such a heinous monster attack, but he's a very unusual villain. We find out next to nothing about who he is and what his motivations are, and it doesn't feel like a conclusive ending to his story. Is there a chance he's also alive in another dimension? Is he even a human?

How many other monsters are out there?

Eleven takes out the monster in the finale, but he's not the only one out there. While she may have sealed the portal, those monsters in Will's stomach are dangerous on their own, and they're already in our world. How many are out there, and is it possible the portal could be opened up again, flooding more monsters into our world?

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