14 Thriller Movies on Hulu That'll Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat

Aug 5 2022 - 3:50pm

Some people like to watch fun movies that make them laugh, while others like a tearjerker that guarantees a nice, long cry. But if you fall into the group of viewers who love conspiracy theories [1], thrilling mysteries, and plot twists, these 14 films on Hulu are bound to get your heart pounding from all of the suspense. They'll reel you in as the stories unravel through every passing scene, and they're perfect if you're in the mood to watch slow-paced psychological thriller movies with shocking endings that rip the rug out from under you, or films with a cast full of characters who make your skin crawl.

Whether they're set in the past like "The Secrets We Keep," based on a novel [2] like "The Owners," nabbed some prestigious awards like "Black Swan," [3] or just turn your favorite hobbies — like rock-climbing or dancing — into a living nightmare, they're gripping all the same. So make sure you sleep with the light on and get ready for an adrenaline rush that'll leave you questioning your perception of reality — even after the credits roll.

Ahead, check out our picks for the best thrillers on Hulu you can stream right now.


In "Gemini," Zoe Kravitz stars as a Hollywood starlet named Heather, who has a complicated relationship with her friend and personal assistant, Jill. When Jill finds Heather dead in her mansion, shot with Jill's gun, she becomes the prime suspect in her murder, and she must figure out what happened to Heather to clear her name.

Watch "Gemini" on Hulu. [4]

"Black Swan"

If you like thrillers to include a healthy dose of the arts, you'll love "Black Swan." Starring Natalie Portman [5] and Mila Kunis [6], this Oscar-winning psychological thriller explores how far a sheltered ballerina named Nina, who's devoted her entire life to dance, will go to embody her lead role in "Swan Lake," even if it leads to madness.

Watch "Black Swan" on Hulu. [7]

"The Ledge"

You may think twice before going rock-climbing after watching "The Ledge." In it, a girl named Kelly catches the murder of her best friend on camera while out on a rock-climbing excursion, which makes her the murderer's next intended victim. The only way to escape is further up the mountain.

Watch "The Ledge" on Hulu. [8]


Set in 1990s Denver, a lonely bachelor becomes obsessed with a dating-service VHS and falls into a manipulative friendship with its charismatic host.

Watch "Rent-A-Pal" on Hulu. [9]


A young woman only known as "Girl" returns to her hometown to murder her abusive father, but when she encounters a menacing sheriff and uncovers her family's secrets, her revenge plot takes an unexpected turn.

Watch "Girl" on Hulu. [10]

"The Secrets We Keep"

A Romanian refugee and suburban housewife haunted by the memories of World War II kidnaps her next-door neighbor, who she believes is the Nazi war criminal who killed her family.

Watch "The Secrets We Keep" on Hulu. [11]


Ride-share driver Kurt, portrayed by Joe Keery from "Stranger Things [12]", will do anything for social media clout — even live streaming the murders of his passengers.

Watch "Spree" on Hulu. [13]


Acclaimed horror writer Shirley Jackson finds inspiration for her next novel when her husband offers free room and board to a naive young couple.

Watch "Shirley" on Hulu. [14]


The stories of two families unravel in this Oscar-winning thriller [15] that highlights class discrimination and seeks to answer who the parasite is — the rich or the poor.

Watch "Parasite" on Hulu. [16]

"The Lodge"

Stuck at work during the holidays, a father has no choice but to leave his children with his new girlfriend, Grace. When a sudden blizzard traps them in their remote winter lodge, the children discover the truth about Grace and her disturbing involvement in an extremist cult.

Watch "The Lodge" on Hulu. [17]


A recently widowed woman moves to the city to start a new chapter of life, but in her vulnerable state, she gets kidnapped by a cold-blooded killer. What follows is a heart-pounding, suspense-filled mission to escape and survive.

Watch "Alone" on Hulu. [18]


It's the fourth year of the pandemic, and the COVID-23 mutation is taking no prisoners. Horror film or dystopian thriller, you decide.

Watch "Songbird" on Hulu. [19]

"No Escape"

Cole Turner's successful YouTube channel, Escape From Reality, is approaching its 10th anniversary, and in celebration, he and his friends plan a trip to Moscow to visit an escape room. Expecting to film exciting new content for his viewers, Cole instead finds himself lost in a murderous reality.

Watch "No Escape" on Hulu. [20]

"The Owners"

Based on the novel "Une nuit de pleine lune," this horror thriller follows a group of friends during their robbery of a house. When the elderly couple who live there come home early, the friends become subject to a sinister nightmare.

Watch "The Owners" on Hulu. [21]

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