Highly Recommend Watching This Recreation of The Social Network's Iconic "Lawyer Up" Scene

May 23 2020 - 9:30am

In case you hadn't noticed, The Social Network is having a moment right now. This year officially marks a decade since the Facebook origin film came out, and it was also added to Netflix in April [1]. And now, Sarah Ramos has tackled one particularly memorable scene in her ongoing series of reenactments on Instagram.

For the famous "lawyer up, assh*ole" exchange, the Parenthood alum played both Mark Zuckerberg (originally portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg) and Sean Parker (portrayed by Justin Timberlake [2]), while Maze Runner star Dylan O'Brien took on the role of Eduardo Saverin (originally played by Andrew Garfield). It's . . . incredible.

In fact, after watching the spot-on reenactment, Garfield texted his Tick, Tick . . . Boom! director [3] Lin-Manuel Miranda [4] to share his praise, which was then passed on to Ramos and O'Brien. "If I had Twitter I'd let him know he MURDERED it," Garfield said. O'Brien replied, "'Twas a f*cking honor sir." Enjoy it below.

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