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Libra Season Playlist

20 Perfect Songs to Listen to During Libra Season

If you haven't taken the time to check the stars, we are currently coming into the last week of Libra season, which lasts from Sept. 22 to Oct. 22. To celebrate the most aesthetically pleasing and balanced members of the zodiac, we created a playlist of some of our favorite Libra artists. Whether it's with a passion for what's right, or a passion for what's nice, these songs exemplify some of Libra's best (and messiest) characteristics.

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Starting off our list is the one and only Smino. Born in the heart of Libra season on Oct. 2, Libra antics are all this genre defying artist knows, and his collaboration with fellow Libra Sango shows the power of a Libra with a silver tongue.

Doja Cat continues to impress after the overnight sensation that was her song "Mooo!". Born right at the cusp of Scorpio season on Oct. 21, her new single, "Bottom B*tch," shows off that iconic Libra affection with her loving description of her Prada-'fit-wearing bottom b*tch.

Air signs love to stand out, and Libras are no different. Born on Oct. 3, A$AP Rocky is known for stepping outside the box with his music, and his single "Sundress" shows off some of that dynamic Libra range.

Libras really are the ultimate entertainers, and T-Pain has solidified himself as one for the history books. T-Pain, born Sept. 30, helped Smino remix his song "Anita," and the two really fed into each others feel-good energy to make this classic video.

Libras really don't care what you think, and Cardi B's song "I Do," with Scorpio queen SZA, is just further proof that you could never hold a Libra back. Born on Oct. 11, we know for a fact that Cardi's Libra origins make her a talent that no one can match.

Libras are a visual sign, and from the aesthetic outfits, to the looks that could kill, Rosalía embraces this energy and more with the video for her song "Malamente." Born on Sept. 25, this Libra brings an energy that is hard to forget.

If walls could talk I'm sure they'd have plenty to say about Libras. This track from Halsey, born Sept. 29, shows just how much of their true opinion Libras hold back while you're still in the room.

Having experience as both a music and film producer, Flying Lotus lets his Libra shine in both with the carefully curated and lush sounds and imagery he chooses to create art like nothing else in this world. Born on Oct. 7, watch his video made in collaboration with Adult Swim for his song "Zodiac Sh*t."

Born on Oct. 22, I don't what I love more about 21 Savage — his Libra Sun or his Virgo moon. In "A Lot," Savage teams up with fellow Aquarius J. Cole to create this emotional air sign anthem.

While Libra's are the free spirits of the zodiac, one aspect most people forget is their need and value for their community. T.I., born on Sept. 25, is no different and in his song "Live Your Life," claps back against those that would claim he's forgotten his roots.

While Libra's are part of the air sign click, they are much more in tune with their emotional sign than their Aquarius and Gemini sisters. Usher , born Oct. 14, really shows off that Libra love and affection with his iconic song "Climax."

Born Oct. 22, Peggy is known for his expectation defying aesthetics and this song is no different. "Buttermilk Jesus Type of Beat" is a name that only a true Libra could come up with.

We love Libras, but it's a fact that their love lives can get a little bit . . . messy. Born Sept. 27, Avril Lavigne always had a natural talent for rocker girl aesthetics, but her song "Complicated" suggests love may have not come as natural.

Just by looking at Lil Wayne's extensive list of features, we can see this Libra, born Sept. 27, has embraced his need for community. It's hard to do things alone as a Libra, and even harder when you don't know how to love. Thank the stars that we have Lil Wayne to show us the way.

These Libra antics never stop! Whether it's singing about his long lost love, or calling all his new ones, Bruno Mars, born Oct. 8, sure knows how to tell us what we want to hear. In the video for his song "Please Me," Bruno Mars and Cardi B connect on a level that only fellow Libras can.

While they love going to bat for others, Libras aren't the best when it comes to handling their own conflict. In this song, Gwen Stefani born Oct. 3, claims her anti-conflict mindset loud and proud proclaiming "I ain't no Hollaback Girl!"

Honestly, Libra's are just a whole vibe on their own, and this mix by DJ/producer Sango born Oct. 1, really goes to show how well the balance of a Libra translates to amazing music.

One of the more understated Libra's on this list, born Sept. 25, Childish Gambino A.K.A. Donald Glover, shows off the humanitarian spirit of Libra with his unapologetic track "This is America." Add to that all the artists Glover collaborated on with this song, and you have a truly balanced Libra bop.

Honestly, the only time John Mayer, born Oct. 16, is valid is when he's playing guitar on Frank Ocean's interludes. Exemplifying some of Libras messy relationship tendencies in his personal life, John Mayer ends this list for the simple fact this song is like an aesthetic breeze pushing us into the next season, the season of Frank; Scorpio Season.

Before we end the list, we wanted to give one more shoutout to another undercover Libra. While Ariana Grande isn't a Libra sun, she is a Libra moon and it sure does give her Cancer sun an injection of some sticky, bubblegum pop aesthetic. Libra's are known for their love of companionship and often find the balance they need in the comfort of another person whether friends or otherwise. In "Thank You Next," Grande tells a story every Libra can relate to; struggling to find that balance in companionships and eventually finding it in a much more personal relationship, a relationship with herself.

Don't forget: you'll need to download the free Spotify software or app to listen to our playlists! And check back soon to see our upcoming playlist for Scorpio season.

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