Love, Victor Season 2 Is Full of Twists, Turns, and Triangles, but Who Should Victor Choose?

Jun 14 2021 - 1:34pm

Love, Victor [1] season two premiered on Hulu on June 11 and we already have pretty strong feelings about the titular Victor's love life. The first season sees Victor as he realizes he's gay, whereas the second season sees him embracing his newfound sexuality, all the while trying to figure out where he fits in with his friends and family. It's while dealing with his mother's struggle to accept him for who he is that things with boyfriend Benji start to sour. It's also around this time he meets Pilar's friend Rahim, who reaches out to Victor for advice on coming out to his traditional Muslim parents.

Helping Rahim with his coming out journey allows Victor to wonder whether he is truly happy with Benji, especially after the couple is interrupted by Victor's mother while having sex for the first time. Like the first season, everything comes to a head during a special event Victor attends as Mia's guest. After Benji sees Victor at Mia's wedding [2] with Rahim, he storms off just before Rahim confesses his feelings to Victor. This leads to a cliffhanger where Victor chooses between reuniting with Benji or pursuing something new with Rahim. But who does he choose? While we'll have to wait until a potential season three for an official answer, ahead we've broken down theories about who Victor could have chosen and why.

Why Victor Should Choose Benji

Benji and Victor's relationship is fraught with issues from the beginning, but that doesn't mean that they aren't meant for one another. What high school relationship doesn't have its issues? By the end of season two, it seems that Victor and Benji are close to working out their communication issues. Had the pair just been honest about how they were feeling from the beginning, they would've had a much healthier relationship. Benji obviously cares for Victor and just wants him to be happy, which is why it's so hard for him to watch how Victor's mother Isabel treats him.

The connection between the two is magnetic and even the actor who plays Benji, George Sear, isn't ready for the duo to call it quits. "I'm in Benji's corner [3], and I want him and Victor to be happy. Maybe the Rahim relationship could explore some other things in the story . . . I don't know, really. But I also think Victor and Benji . . . they have such a good connection so it'd be a shame to see that go," he said in an interview with Hollywood Life.

Why Victor Should Choose Rahim

Rahim and Victor's relationship isn't any less complicated than Victor and Benji's. Initially, Rahim sees Victor as a mentor, and the pair bond over being gay people of color. Where Benji and Victor have tension over the fact that Isabel can't seem to grasp that her son is gay, Rahim understands due to his traditional Muslim upbringing. Rahim is also one of Pilar's friends so it might actually be easier for him to integrate into Victor's life.

"I really do think that people will see that Rahim didn't mean to get in between them [4] — it just kind of sort of happened — and that's what a beautiful love story is, where it just falls into place and there's no work involved," Keyvan shared with Entertainment Tonight. "I'm hoping for the best. I really think people are going to like the dynamic that Victor and Rahim have. I mean, I am a little biased, but I love the dynamic that they have, and I think they're really great for each other."

Why Victor Should Choose Himself

Although the end of season two makes it clear Victor has made a choice between Benji and Rahim, perhaps it's time for Victor to just choose himself. He's not actually gotten to be single and openly out at the same time. Jumping into a relationship with Benji without fully discovering who he is as a person puts Victor at a disadvantage. Victor also becomes heavily dependent on Benji as he navigates his way through life as a newly out gay teen in high school. Since he has emotional baggage of his own that he's not completely worked through, Benji might not have been equipped to fully handle everything Victor really needs.

With Rahim just barely starting out on his own journey of self-discovery, it's entirely possible that should Victor choose him, Victor may become the "Benji" of the relationship. However, the second season also proves that Rahim is able to teach Victor things he might not have otherwise been aware of. A single Victor in season three would be an interesting journey to follow as there are still plenty of things he needs to accomplish on his own.

The actor who plays Victor, Michael Cimino, is just as torn on the love triangle as the rest of us. "Part of me is like [5], 'Oh, I hope it's Rahim.' Because it will be fun to explore a new love story for Victor, and exploring a love story with a man that's Muslim. But by the same token, Benji and Victor — It's so iconic. It's so hard to choose! I'm very torn, to be honest." Whatever his choice, hopefully, Hulu gives us a season three to see where the love triangle ends up.

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