Will Mary Be a Runaway Bride on Reign?

The CW

It's time for Reign's Mary to take the plunge. The Queen of Scots is headed to the altar this week to marry Bash, but will she make it all the way there — and will Francis return to stop it? Only one thing is certain: the bride will rock a ravishing gown. Also exciting is the fact that Mary's mother (guest star Amy Brenneman) will be in town for the wedding. Apparently she has her own ideas about what Mary's future should look like. Very interesting! Take a look at the pictures before "Consummation" airs!

Amy Brenneman guest stars as Marie de Guise on Reign.

She's showing quite a bit of skin for the 16th century.

Greer (Celina Sinden) cinches Mary (Adelaide Kane) into her undergarments.

Kenna (Caitlin Stasey) and Lola (Anna Popplewell), Mary's ladies-in-waiting, have a chat.

Mary and Marie pose together in "Consummation."

Alan Van Sprang as King Henry in Reign.

Just look at Mary's hairdo. How does one even do that?

Seriously, I thought there would be some sort of shoulders-covered rule back then.

No offense to the kingdom, but this looks like a high school dance.

Mary heads down the steps in her unforgettable gown.

Is she ready for this?

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