These 10 Actors Are Lifetime Movie Royalty — See Who's Been in the Most of All Time!

Nov 12 2021 - 3:35pm

Who among us hasn't enjoyed one of Lifetime's made-for-TV original movies [1] at some point? They're cheesy, dramatic, and so much fun. If you're a Lifetime movie fan, you've probably noticed a couple of things: the sheer volume of movies they churn out is astronomical, and several of the same actors pop up time and time again.

In some cases, the recurrence of the same actors is because several movies are part of the same series, but other times, it's simply Lifetime bringing back actors their audience clearly can't get enough of! There are a ton of actors who have been in multiple Lifetime original movies [2], but who holds the all-time crown? As it turns out, it's not even a close race. Read on to find out which star seems to be the ruler of Lifetime land — then find out who else has a lengthy Lifetime resume!

Jake Epstein

Movie count: 5

Jake Epstein (yup, Craig from Degrassi) is one of the newer additions to the Lifetime lineup, but he's quickly shaping up to be a regular! He appeared in two of the 2019 holiday movies, A Storybook Christmas and Mistletoe and Menorahs, and he's slated for three more for the 2021 season.

Jessica Morris

Movie count: 6

Jessica Morris joined Lifetime's The Wrong series of thrillers in 2016, and she's been a staple in them ever since. She began with The Wrong Roommate and has continued doing approximately one per year, with the most recent being 2021's The Wrong Fiancé.

Melissa Joan Hart

Movie count: 6

Melissa Joan Hart is a staple of made-for-TV movies, including six at Lifetime. Her first starring role in a Lifetime original was in the 2008 thriller Secrets of Pine Cove. Since then, she's mostly starred in cheerful Christmas comedies, like Santa Con, A Very Nutty Christmas, and, most recently, Dear Christmas.

Jennifer Taylor

Movie count: 7

Taylor first appeared on Lifetime in 2013 with the thriller The Perfect Boyfriend. Since then, she's appeared in several others, mostly sticking with the thrillers rather than holiday romances. Her most recent projects for Lifetime include 2020's Twisted Twin and 2021's A Deadly Deed.

Brittany Underwood

Movie count: 8

Brittany Underwood has been a staple of Lifetime's original thrillers since 2017, when she appeared in Backstabbed. Since then, she's continued to star in a movie or two almost every year. In both 2020 and 2021, she's been in two movies each year, with the most recent being Fatal Fiancé and The Killer in My Backyard.

Anna Marie Dobbins

Movie count: 8

Anna Marie Dobbins might not be a household name, but she's definitely a staple of Lifetime original movies! Dobbins seems to specialize more in the thriller genre, with her first Lifetime movie being Stalked by My Doctor: Patient's Revenge. Since then, she's appeared in a couple of The Wrong thrillers as well as a few others, most recently Deadly Misconduct and Danger in the Spotlight.

Eric Roberts

Movie count: 9

Eric Roberts is genuinely one of the most prolific screen actors of all time, with over 600 credits to his name! Nine of those are on Lifetime movies, starting with 2006's Fatal Desire. Since then, he's joined two of the network's thriller movie series: the Stalked by My Doctor series and The Wrong.

Cindy Busby

Movie count: 9

If you watch any made-for-TV movies, you've probably seen Cindy Busby, who has starred in movies for Lifetime, Hallmark, and more! She made her Lifetime debut in 2006's Thrill of the Kill and continued starring in the channel's thrillers for several years, including two entries in the long-running The Wrong series. Her most recent Lifetime project is another thriller, My Husband's Killer Girlfriend.

Meredith Thomas

Movie count: 12

Meredith Thomas owes the biggest chunk of her Lifetime resume to her roles in The Wrong series. Over the past few years, she's appeared in seven movies just in that series alone! Thomas has also been in a handful of the network's standalone thrillers, including Killer Advice and Labor of Lies.

Vivica A. Fox

Movie count: 23

It certainly appears that Vivica A. Fox is the queen of Lifetime movies! She's the star (and producer) of The Wrong series, which has over 20 movies and counting that she's starred in. The series kicked off in 2016 and is still going strong in 2021, so expect Fox to keep her Lifetime movie crown for some time.

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