21 Hilarious Cards to Send Your Pregnant Friends

Dec 18 2014 - 4:32am

As soon as your friend tells you she's expecting, you'll want to send her a congratulatory card. And while you could stock up on the generic 10-pack from CVS, you may want to send something a bit more heartfelt and humorous. Whether the mom-to-be is a fan of dry wit or dirty jokes, these pregnancy cards are sure to make her baby bump jiggle from laughter.

The Perks of Pregnancy

Because moms-to-be need to be reminded of their ever-changing body [1] ($4).

Breastmilk Wishes

Time to clink those baby bottles [2] ($5).

MILF Mobile

You know you'll be begging for a ride [3] ($5) at some point.

You Go Girl!

Every mom-to-be could use an extra confidence boost [4] ($5).

Bun in the Oven

A classic expression gets a comical twist [5] ($4).

Blue, Blue, Line

A simple and sweet way to state the obvious [6] ($4).

State of Shock

There's nothing like a four-letter greeting [7] ($5), right?

No Sleep Tonight

Remind her to relish the rest [8] ($4) before the baby comes.

The New Normal

Better prepare her for a life of kid's menus [9] ($4) and vinyl tablecloths.

A Pregnant Girl's Guide to Shopping

There's still time to get her these obnoxious gifts [10] ($5).

Just Keep Swimming

This would be a great card for a dad-to-be [11] ($4), too.

Small Sacrifice

Don't forget to add high heels to the list [12] ($4).

I'll Have Another

Let's hope your friend's pregnancy doesn't damage your liver [13] ($4).

Diaper Duty

If you're a real friend, you won't pull this move [14] ($5).

Let Me See Your Mood Swing

Consider this card a warning [15] ($4) for the dad-to-be.

Whoa, Mama!

Because a baby only adds to a woman's beauty [16] ($6).

The Birds and the Bees

Clearly your friend doesn't just "go to sleep" [17] ($5).

The Beginning of the End

We promise there's a sweet message [18] ($5) inside.

A Nonalcoholic Toast

The perfect sentiment for your wine-loving friend [19] ($4).

Ta Ta Tampons

Yet another amazing pregnancy perk [20] ($4).

See You Soon

Don't worry. You're sure to see your friend [21] ($5) before her child graduates high school.

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