15 Things You Shouldn't Say to a Woman Who's Trying to Conceive

Nov 3 2014 - 7:58am

For some couples, it only takes one romp in the hay to get pregnant. For others it takes quite a bit more time and a lot more effort. While you may want to offer them your baby-making words of wisdom, it's best to think before you speak. Sometimes the most well-intended comments can be the most offensive. So next time you sit down with a couple that's trying to conceive, make sure to keep these thoughts to yourself.

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It happened so quickly for me.

Aren't you lucky!

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You don't look infertile

I'm sorry. Can you explain what that looks like?

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Don't worry. You're young!

I didn't realize worrying was limited to a specific age group.

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There's always IVF.

Yeah, once I win the lottery.

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Maybe it's a sign.

Or maybe it's science.

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Relax. The worrying won't help you get pregnant.

Is that so, doctor?

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At least it's fun to try.

Yes. Scheduling sex around my ovulation and basal body temperature is a real treat.

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You shouldn't have put your career before family.

Who says I did?

You're lucky you don't have kids.

That's not what I would consider lucky.

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So hubby's shooting blanks?

Yes. Please. Let's discuss my husband's sperm.

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If this is stressing you out, wait till you become a mom.

At least that'll be a stress I enjoy.

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Maybe you missed your window.

Because that's what every woman wants to hear.

You can always adopt.

So you can throw other offensive comments [12] my way?

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Well are you trying?

Nope. I'm hoping for a Virgin Mary type of conception.

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It could be worse.

For you, maybe. But for me this totally sucks.

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