The Best 12 Healthy Staples From Costco You Should Always Have on Hand

May 25 2017 - 8:50pm

There are some healthy staples you always want to have on hand for meal prep, your favorite recipes, and any other kitchen experiments. But these things can be crazy expensive — I was reminded of this on my last Sunday venture to Whole Foods when I picked up some organic maple syrup (you know, because protein pancakes) and gasped at the price tag.

As a 20-something who lives alone, I've learned to be creatively thrifty with my food [1] as much as possible. I stock up on bulk, nonperishable items from Costco whenever possible to mitigate food waste (if one more avocado goes bad while I'm asleep, I swear to . . .), as well as to ensure that I have everything I need for any healthy recipe all the time. This method also helps cut down on trips to the grocery store, which can be a total mission when you're living in a city like San Francisco.

And the best part, as many of you know, is that Costco helps you save a ton of money. When you break it down either per ounce or per unit, the stuff you can get at this hallowed warehouse of reasonably priced goods is much, much more budget-friendly than going to your local market. Plus, Kirkland Signature is actually really fantastic quality [3]. Here are the essential items I always get at Costco — Costco's best healthy staples, if you will.

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