I Tried These Weed-Infused Sodas, and I'd Much Rather Sip on These Than Beer

Mar 2 2018 - 4:20am

As cannabis continues to go mainstream [1], more and more companies are trying to figure out ways to incorporate the plant into friendly products. I've been dabbling in this "enhanced" category, which includes items like pot-infused olive oil [2], and it's been a nice change from the usual joint. But the latest product that's caught me by surprise is a line of cannabis-infused sparkling tonics called Legal [3]. I tested four of its all-natural sodas — all of which resulted in a nice, subtle buzz — and I've decided that I'd much rather sip on some Legal than beer.

Things to Know Before Drinking Legal

The Buzz

I tend to stay away from edibles [4] because doses are typically more difficult to gauge, and I find the high to be a little too heavy compared to the effects of smoking weed [5]. But after drinking Legal, a light, clear-headed buzz crept up on me. I was still highly functional while feeling weed's equivalent to being slightly tipsy. It was also perfect for drinking in a social setting, which isn't always the case when you're stoned at a party. Since every Legal bottle comes with a dose cup, I think it's particularly great for those who are new to cannabis.

See my review of each flavor ahead!

Espresso Mocha (Sativa)

When to drink: At the beginning of your day (perfect for when you want to wake and bake).
Tasting notes: This was one was actually my favorite of them all. Once I got past the carbonation, I was able to enjoy the dark chocolate and rich espresso flavors of every sip.
Effects: An uplifting and energized high.

Pomegranate (Sativa)

When to drink: Anytime.
Tasting notes: I found it to be a little too sweet, but the pomegranate flavors were present.
Effects: A calm, slight buzz.

Lemon Ginger (Indica)

When to drink: Before bed or when you're not trying to leave the couch.
Tasting notes: Even as a fan of ginger, I was disappointed to enjoy this flavor the least. It reminded me of kombucha.
Effects: A relaxing high that led to a deep slumber.

Cranberry CBD (CBD and THC)

When to drink: After a long day.
Tasting notes: This definitely had a strong cranberry taste, but it wasn't so overwhelming that it turned me off.
Effects: A nice body high, thanks to the CBD.

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