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The 25 Best Exercises to Tone Your Abs (and None of Them Are Crunches)

Mar 11 2017 - 11:00am

Let's be honest: crunches aren't the most exciting of exercises. And they're not always the most effective way to tone your abs [1] anyway. If you're bored with your sit-up routine, here are 25 fun and effective moves to mix up your workout and tone your midsection!

— Additional reporting by Emily Bibb and Jenny Sugar

Lying Overhead Reach

Work your shoulders and your abs with this exercise.

Use five- to 10-pound weights.

Overhead Circles With Medicine Ball

Ball Pass

Tabletop to Reverse Pike

This exercise not only tones the arms, but will get your mid abs burning.

Seated Russian Twist

Flutter Kicks With Resistance Band

This is a great low ab exercise.

Elbow Plank

Planks are great for working the abs, and the elbow plank is harder on the abs than the traditional plank in push-up position.

Leaning Camel

This exercise works the entire abdominal wall and give the quads an active stretch to boot!

Dead Bug

The name may make you laugh, but this stability exercise fires up the core, working both the front and back of the body.

Standing Ab Rollout

Pilates Corkscrew

This classic Pilates moves strengthen your obliques, core, and legs, while stretching your hips away from your ribs.

Plank and Rotate

Twisting in a plank position fires up the core and works those love handles.

Use five- to eight-pound dumbbells.

Single-Leg Forward Reach

Similar to yoga's Warrior 3, this exercise fires up your core by challenging your balance. As you move in and out of the pose, you will be working the back of your body too.

Twisting Wood Chop With Medicine Ball

Scissor Abs

Overhead Dumbbell Side Bend


See the quadruped in action here [5].

Ball Pike to Plank

Make sure the ball is sized to your body; you should be able to sit on the ball with 90-degree angles at your hips and knees.

Alternating Two-Point Plank

Plank With Bunny Hop

Side Elbow Plank With a Twist

This move works the obliques and helps tone the love handles.

Down Dog Abs

Medicine Ball Alphabet

To start: Grab a medicine ball that's between five and 15 pounds. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, making sure your knees are not locked. Then try one of these two variations.

Row With Twist

Kettlebell Windmill

Follow our step-by-step tutorial of the windmill [7] to learn the subtleties of the exercise. Don't worry if you don't have kettlebells — you can use dumbbells, too.

Bonus: 5-Minute Ab Workout

Here's a bonus that's not just one move, but a five-minute video workout combining tons of exercises to tone your abs without a single crunch.

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