25 Movie Titles in Spanish That Were Legit Lost in Translation

Aug 24 2017 - 7:30pm

If you've ever taken a close look at the Spanish-language titles of popular American films [1], chances are you've noticed that they're called something . . . else. And it does not make sense.

Sure, there isn't always a direct English-Spanish translation, but Latin America really lets its creativity shine when choosing new movie [2] names for its audience — almost always losing the original in the process. (Spoiler alert: not even Lost in Translation could be saved!) Read on to see which of your favorites have been hilariously brutalized.

American Hustle: La Gran Estafa Americana (The Great American Swindle)

Anchorman: Al Diablo Con las Noticias (To Hell With the News)

The Dark Knight: El Caballero de la Noche (Knight of the Night)

Die Hard 2: Die Harder: La Jungla 2: Alerta Roja (The Jungle 2: Red Alert)

Get Him to the Greek: Todo Sobre Mi Desmadre (Everything About My Wild Party)

The Hangover: ¿Qué Pasó Ayer? (What Happened Yesterday?)

The Hurt Locker: Vivir al Límite (Living to the Limit)

Knocked Up: Ligeramente Embarazada (Slightly Pregnant)

Lost in Translation: Perdidos en Tokio (Lost in Tokyo)

101 Dalmations: La Noche de las Narices Frias (The Night of the Cold Noses)

The Pacifier: Un Canguro Superduro (A Supertough Kangaroo)

Pineapple Express: Superfumados (Super High)

Pulp Fiction: Tiempos Violentos (Violent Times)

Sixteen Candles: Se Busca Novio (Looking For a Boyfriend)

Superbad: Super Cool (Super Cool)

Walk the Line: Johnny & June: Pasión y Locura (Johnny & June: Passion and Craziness)

Weekend at Bernie's: Este Muerto Esta Muy Vivo (This Dead Person Is Very Alive)

The Wedding Singer: La Mejor de Mis Bodas (The Best of My Weddings)

Grease: Vaselina (Vaseline)

Home Alone: Mi Pobre Angelito (My Poor Little Angel)

Sleepless in Seattle: Sintonia de Amor (Love Harmony)

Beaches: Eternamente Amigas (Eternally Friends)

Stepmom: Quédate a Mi Lado (Stay by My Side)

The Breakfast Club: El Club de los Cinco (The Club of the Five)

The Nightmare Before Christmas: El Extraño Mundo de Jack (Jack’s Weird World)

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