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Dating a Sagittarius

Here's the Cold, Hard Truth About Dating a Sagittarius

Spoiler alert: you're in for a wild ride. Sagittarii are funny, adventurous, and love a good time — so we're quite the catch . . . if you can, in fact, catch us . . . because we're also commitment phobes, easily bored, impatient, and not super into emotions. Hey, no one's perfect! If you're hoping to date a Sag (or have already been hit by Cupid's bow), here's what you need to know.

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1. We aren't great at showing our emotions.

But that doesn't mean we don't have them! Just don't expect a lot of talk about feelings. We show we care in other ways!

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2. We have commitment issues.

It may take a while to settle down, so just have patience and enjoy the little moments along the way — no need to rush to the alter.

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3. We can't stand clingy behavior.

We may seem like we're playing hard to get, but we really just need our space and independence.

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4. We can be a little blunt.

If you can't handle the truth, you better leave now. Whether it's about the state of our relationship or things you do that bother us, we say it how it is and don't candycoat it. We aren't trying to be mean, just honest!

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5. We are impatient.

We've got people to see, places to go, and adventures to go on. So if you're dragging your feet or taking forever to explain something, know that we may be distracted thinking about what's next.

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6. We're easily bored.

We are all about doing things, changing things up, and exploring new places, so we have a tendency to get soooooo bored in life and in relationships. Plan an unexpected trip, surprise us with a sentimental gift, buy something sexy for the bedroom . . . sometimes we just need a little excitement to spice things up.

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7. We LOVE to travel.

There's nothing like visiting a new country or hitting the road with our BFF. Sagittarii are known to be adventurous free spirits, and if you're hoping to win us over, try a weekend excursion!

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8. We are curious and easily intrigued.

If you're trying to get the attention of a Sag, playing the mysterious card will be to your advantage. We appreciate a little mystery in the relationship, and our curiosity is bound to get the best of us.

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9. We aren't afraid to try new things in the bedroom.

We are all about mixing things up, so don't hesitate to share a secret fetish or fantasy you'd like to try. We're game!

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10. We like to entertain.

We are extroverted and love being around people, so be prepared for hosting parties, double dates, and other group activities with our friends.

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11. Did we mention we are SO MUCH FUN?

You're going to have a blast with us. Seriously.

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12. We have a sense of humor.

We use it to diffuse tense situations, like when we're fighting or just having an awkward disagreement. And if you're trying to attract us, you can bet that the best way to win a Sagittarius over is by making us laugh.

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13. We love surprises.

We are spontaneous by nature and love getting and giving surprises . . . so stay on your toes and know that a little surprise goes a long way!

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14. Don't try to change us; we hate that.

Sags are fiercely independent, and we think our way is the best way. If you try to tell us what to do, we just won't.

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15. We're pretty much irresistible.

Consider yourself warned.

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