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This Disney Prince Hopeful Proposed to Every Disney Princess

Sep 9 2016 - 5:15pm

Before changing it to "patron saint of Star Wars and Chipotle," Blaine Gibson [1]'s Twitter bio read, "I make your fantasies come true," and he lives up to that promise with this epic photo series. The Rooster Teeth [2] producer actually bought a ring (at Walmart) and proposed to all the Disney princesses at Disney World. While the photos will have you laughing, Blaine was actually hoping for a love connection after the silly stunt. In a video podcast [3], he says:

"Man, Ariel was hot. She was really cool. My hope is that when I tweeted [the photo] . . . I would hear back. Sure enough, I found a guy who tweeted me. He said he went to high school with Cinderella . . . And I had a Disney employee who was a Rooster Teeth fan who said that she found Ariel and was going to give Ariel my Twitter handle."

So maybe he'll get his fairy-tale ending after all? See the pics now to see who ended up with the ring (it wasn't Ariel!).


"So I brought an engagement ring to Disney World and proposed to my favorite Disney princesses."

Source: Twitter user BGibbles [4]


"They were all super nice and really beautiful."

Source: Twitter user BGibbles [5]


Source: Twitter user BGibbles [6]


Source: Twitter user BGibbles [7]


"I also proposed to Gaston because that guy was hilarious."

Source: Twitter user BGibbles [8]

Tinker Bell

Source: Twitter user BGibbles [9]

She said, "Yes!"

"I ended up giving the ring to Tink because she was my last princess. She, Rapunzel, and Ariel won my heart."

Source: Twitter user BGibbles [10]

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