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8 Reasons to Be Hot For a Teacher

Jun 16 2015 - 8:00am

All through high school and college, I had shameless crushes on my teachers. And not necessarily the hot ones, either; often the bald, really professorial-looking ones [1]. I never acted on these crushes — that would be icky — except to sometimes giggle when I should have been listening.

But while student-teacher romances cross the line [2], dating a teacher as an adult is completely acceptable and kinda hot. I have the Ryan Gosling [3] GIFs (and the sexy math jokes) to prove it. Here are eight reasons to consider dating a teacher, illustrated with hot teacher eye candy.

If you're late to meet them for drinks, they can kill time by grading papers. Hot.

Source: ThinkFilm [4]

They always have a pencil or pen handy. Maybe even in their front pocket. Also hot.

You can finally fulfill all of your hot-teacher-crush fantasies without it being creepy.

They have crazy stories that are completely unlike your office stories.

Source: ThinkFilm [5]

They are smart. At least about one subject.

They can't stay out late on school nights, which in turn helps prevent YOUR workday hangovers.

They rarely have to work late.

They get Summers off. Sure, that's more of a benefit for them than for you, but it makes planning vacation time easy for you.

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