Mike Pence hasn't changed dramatically over the years. Though the vice president entered Hanover College as a deeply spiritual man and Jimmy Carter supporter, he left as a born-again evangelical Catholic with his sights set on a political career. He was also pretty much the worst fraternity brother in history during his time in college.

In a January profile by The Atlantic, one of Pence's former fraternity brothers, Dan Murphy, opened up about what the vice president was like in college. Pence joined Phi Gamma Delta in his freshman year, and he fit right in. "You had in that fraternity house everything from the sort of evangelical-Christian crowd to some fairly hard-core drug users," Murphy said. The following year, Pence became the president of the fraternity.

As Pence continued to take on more responsibility, however, he increasingly morphed into, well, quite the killjoy. After a series of raucous parties, the fraternity was put on probation. Phi Gamma Delta soon found mischievous ways to smuggle alcohol into the house, with Pence often willingly participating in these sophomoric schemes. On one particular night, however, the fraternity received an unexpected visit from the associate dean. Pence was there to greet him at the door.

When fraternity brothers had gotten in trouble in the past, Murphy said, they would typically just take the fall and claim that any alcohol was theirs. Well, not Pence! Instead, he walked the associate dean right over to where they had been hiding a few kegs and specified that the beer belonged to the entire fraternity. "They really raked us over the coals. The whole house was locked down," Murphy said. Upon graduating, Pence was offered a job in the school's admissions office. See? Not much has changed.

Image Source: Getty / Win McNamee