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The Twitter Feature You've Been Waiting For Since Day One

Jun 19 2014 - 12:55pm

Source: YouTube user TheEllenShow [1]

It's finally happened. Twitter may have banned animated profile pictures, but the company has just unleashed animated GIFs in tweets. Posting a tweet with a GIF is as straightforward as posting a tweet without a GIF.

Step 1: Compose your tweet as normal.

Add the GIF where you'd typically add a photo.

Step 2: Publish and repeat.

To avoid annoying the crap out of others, Twitter has disabled autoplay for GIFs. Users will have to press a play button to enable the looping animation.

Now, with power comes great GIF responsibility. Don't over-GIF, unless you're The Ministry of GIFs [2]. Carry on.


Source: Tumblr user The Curious Stranger [5]

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