Actors Who Play Politicians at Correspondents' Dinner 2014

When Fake DC and Real DC Collide

When Fake DC and Real DC Collide

The White House Correspondents' Dinner has brought out Washington DC's political elite — plus the actors who play them on TV. Each year, famous faces from Hollywood head to the nation's capital for the event, with media outlets inviting celebrities to join them for the banquet. For some of those stars, it's an opportunity to dive into the world they re-create on screen, and last year's event included appearances from the casts of House of Cards ,Veep, and Scandal.

After much of the Scandal cast spent Friday night celebrating into the early hours of Saturday, we had to ask them: who's the biggest partyer of the group? Scott Foley had a quick answer: "Katie Lowes, by far — she's the youngest." Katie, who plays Quinn Perkins on the show, said she's also found plenty of time for sightseeing. She told us, "I keep looking at the city through the eyes of Scandal. Like, I drive past the Potomac River, and I think, 'Oh, we dragged Amanda Tanner's body out of that in season one." Jeff Perry, who plays Cyrus Beene, said he's never party-hopped in his entire life like he did on Friday night. He also commented on the missing cast member — Kerry Washington — who just had a baby girl last month. "She is, I assume, in domestic bliss with her husband," he said.

As for House of Cards, Robin Wright mingled with politicians on Friday night at the Capitol File party at the British ambassador's residence. And on Saturday at the White House Correspondents' Brunch, we spoke with Michael Gill, who plays the former President Walker and was there with his wife, Jayne Atkinson — she's Secretary of State Catherine Durant on the show! He joked, "It's doubly extraordinary to be here together as a power couple." As the weekend's festivities continue, take a look at all the "fake DC" personalities who get to mingle with "real DC" officials.


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