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Could Chris Pratt Be More Lovable?

Aaaand game over.

What's not to love about a hot, talented goofball? Chris Pratt, who turns 35 on Saturday, has been in the spotlight for more than a decade, but thanks to his abs' appearance in the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, he's been making plenty of headlines lately. Professionally, the actor is on a roll, but he's also enjoying some exciting moments in his personal life, having welcomed his son, Jack, in Summer 2012 with his wife, Anna Faris. In other words, Chris is cute, goofy, successful, and sweet, taking to social media to share adorable snaps of his son, and in the meantime, he's also busy cracking us up on Parks and Recreation. Whether you've loved him from the start or just started to take notice, see why Chris Pratt is so crush-worthy. (Spoiler alert: those abs.)

Source: Getty / Rommel Demano