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Poll: Julia Roberts's Black Isn't Basic — It's Custom
Does her lacy look get your vote?
When Julia Roberts does black on the red carpet, it's never boring — in fact, tonight it's custom Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci. The Hollywood vet lit up the Oscars arrivals with that lacy, peplum-trimmed gown — and that megawatt smile. And, as if she needed to add any sparkle, Julia finished with Bulgari diamonds. Now we're asking you: does she get your vote? Vote on all of our Academy Awards polls here! if (ONSUGAR.UserProfile.isIOSApp()) { ONSUGAR.Event.registerEventHandler('triggerAjaxReplace_poll_ajax_placeholder_34169535', function() { var poll = document.getElementById('poll_view_voting_34169535'); poll.onsubmit = function(e) { var choice = document.querySelector('#poll_view_voting_34169535 input:checked').getAttribute('value').split('-')[0]; triggerAjaxReplace('' + choice + '&slide=1', 'poll_view_voting_34169535'); e.preventDefault(); } }); }ONSUGAR.Event.registerEventHandler('SSOComplete', function() {triggerAjaxReplace('', 'poll_ajax_placeholder_34169535')});
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