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On Her Product Hoarding Problem

PS: And you mentioned your mom being a beauty junkie. Any fond memories of you two with products?

KR: I remember one day, walking into the bathroom after my mom got her paycheck and looking at the sink filled up with products! Like it was my toothbrush and my toothpaste and everything else. I'm like, "Mom, really? You don't need all of this." She said, "Oh, you know honey, momma gotta make sure she keeps it young."

But I get it it now! And the funny thing is when I go to her house, it's the same thing. It looks like it did when I was a kid. So she's always been obsessed with products. I don't have an obsession as bad as her, but I do love my products.

PS: Are there products that you always take with you? I know you do a lot of traveling.

KR: I do a lot of traveling, and I pretty much take the whole sink with me. I have to check the products. I check everything. I have at least — I'm not kidding — four bags of toiletries, between hair, body, skin, makeup, there's about four little things of toiletries.


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