Kristen Bell's Funniest Tweets

Birthday Girl Kristen Bell's Most Hilarious Tweets

Kristen Bell has been having a fabulous year. She had baby Lincoln Bell Shepard with Dax Shepard in March, reproposed marriage to Dax over Twitter in celebration of the Supreme Court's rulings on DOMA and Proposition 8, and even began production on the upcoming Veronica Mars movie. Here's wishing a very happy 33rd birthday to Kristen!

In celebration of Kristen's big day, check out the most hilarious tweets from her firecracker Twitter account!

We've been asking the same question since like, 1999. Start the revolution!

Are you sure, Kristen? Are you absolutely sure?

We're pretty sure Kristen Bell is our spirit guide.

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We've been there. But then again, maybe we're actually schizophrenic. No, we're not. Oh.

We're pretty sure Kristen actually showered, and she's embarrassed to admit it.

The horror!

Hey everyone. Kristen Bell gets great deals on home goods. Spread the word.

And he didn't even give his two weeks notice!

Wait. We want in.

Hey, at least she's real about it.

Listen, we'd take funky werewolf weather over vicious werewolf weather any day.

Get used to it, Kristen. Tom Cruise does what he wants.

Kristen has some pretty weird dreams. Side note: is Jon Snow a good dancer?

Way to go Kristen. You began your journalism career and tarnished your reputation in one fell swoop.

Someone tell Oprah.

Sounds like Kristen Bell had the worst Fall ever.

That's how he knows when you ask, "Want a treat?"

We can't decide if a Pier 1-scented bouquet would be refreshing or terrifying.

Wait. Can we get a copy?

Kristen has a fair point. Also, thanks for getting this song stuck in our head.

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