Miley Cyrus Twerking Pictures

The Liberty Bell, Bill Clinton, and More Things Miley Has Twerked On

A Scared Bear

Miley Cyrus is in the middle of her Bangerz tour and she's been bringing her twerking antics all over the North America at various shows. Despite vowing to stop with the booty-shaking back in September, the singer's latest tour features her dancing with former presidents Abraham Lincoln and Bill Clinton, a giant blue bear, a dancer dressed as a joint, and, oddly enough, the Liberty Bell. Her onstage antics may explain why parents have been complaining that Miley's raunchy tour is inappropriate for children, but that has yet to faze the blond songstress.

Despite the outcry, this is hardly the first time Miley has gotten down with people and things. In honor of the former Disney star's most famous dance move, we've collected all the people, places, and things that Miley has twerked on.