St. Patrick's Day in Chicago | Pictures

Why St. Patrick's Day in Chicago Is Basically the Best

Huge crowds make their way to the riverbanks.

Irish? More like Chi-rish! With a huge Irish population and a legacy of wild holiday festivities, Chicago is known to be one of the best places to visit to get in the St. Patrick's Day spirit. Year after year, celebrations bring out big crowds, parades, and plenty of shamrock-covered costumes — plus, the Chicago River gets dyed green, a tradition that dates back to 1962. This year, locals worried about a major buzzkill when chilly temperatures called coloring the river into question, but despite giant chunks of ice floating along the water, it's been announced that festivities will go on as planned. How, exactly, does the dye job work? Four workers in one boat dump dye into the river, and four workers in another boat help to spread the color around. About an hour and a half later, the Chicago River is a bright green, staying that way for six to 10 hours. Channel the luck of the Irish with a look at why Chicago may just be the best place to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

Source: Getty / Tasos Katopodis