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PS: I notice you like to wear bold lipstick and nail polish; which colors make you feel most confident?

GG: Red lipstick is always my favorite go-to! It was my grandmother's favorite, my mother's favorite, and now my favorite. It definitely adds a little kick to my steps. For my nails, CoverGirl has the full-on, no-chip nail gloss line and they have tons of fun colors so I am constantly changing my nails at work! Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss ($6) in Ever Reddy, Snow Storm, and Out of the Blue are my favorites.

PS: When you're just going out with friends, what is your hair and makeup routine like?

GG: When I am going out with friends I usually curl my hair because I normally have a straight pony or high bun, so curling my hair is a fun alternative!

Source: P&G Beauty

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