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PS: What is the secret to effortless model-off-duty hair and makeup?
CBN: For my hair, I use lots of conditioner! I also try to only wash it a couple times a week, since that helps with the natural oil to keep my hair soft and strong. My everyday makeup is very light and fresh. I'm usually going to a lot of castings, so I have to look very natural. In the evening, maybe I add some lipstick or eyeliner.

PS: How do you keep your skin looking great when you need to have your makeup done so often, especially for Fashion Week?
CBN: I don't really wear makeup when I am not working; it gives my skin time to heal itself. I drink lots of water and use a good moisturizer.

PS: Did you do Fashion Week this season? Which was your favorite look so far, and why?
CBN: I skipped NYC and London, but I am doing Milan and Paris. As I haven't started yet, I have that to look forward to.

PS: Do you have any pre-Fashion Week rituals?
CBN: Your skin has to be prepared for Fashion Week with all of the makeup that is applied to it and taken off every day! I eat very healthy, clean, simple food, and I drink a lot of water before Fashion Week.

PS: What is your skin care routine?
CBN: In the morning, I splash my face with cold water to wake my skin — and myself — up. Then I dab on a little cream to get my skin ready for any makeup I'm going to put on. At night, I always wash my face before bed. It lets my skin breathe overnight. If I'm too tired from a long day of work, I'll try to at least use those makeup-remover towelettes. I just don't like to leave makeup on when I sleep, because that means I'm not taking proper care of my skin.

Source: Eric Megret