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Aura Working on Molly's Hair

PS: How did you decide on this exact shade if red? Did someone inspire it?

MS: I loved Amy Adams's hair — it has richness, depth, and dimension. My color is a coppery gold. You can see the blond still coming through, which I love.

PS: So do you plan on changing your makeup routine at all with your hair?

MS: You have to. We just changed it. I looked kind of ashy and a bit washed out, so we added bronze to warmth up [my complexion]. Either that, or you go the opposite direction: porcelain.

PS: Are you going to wear red lips with the red hair?

MS: Oh, totally. I would rock a red lip.

PS: And are you going to be changing your eyebrows?

MS: We did it already. That's a big thing with women. We lightened my brows to an ash-blond color. It makes your eyes stand out. If you're blonde or if you go red, you have to be careful not to go too orangey.


PS: What was the process like working with Aura?

MS: Aura's amazing. She spent so much time and energy. We talked on the phone for the past two weeks — she sent me pictures. She's very professional and she spent three hours [on my hair color], just trying get every part right [today]. She's committed. And you need somebody committed when you're going from platinum to red.

Source: Frances Tulk-Hart for Nexxus

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