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POPSUGAR: First off, any tips on doing the perfect smoky eye yourself?

Carrie Underwood: I think practice is important. If you have a day that you're not really doing anything, like some random Sunday, just play a little bit and try something new. Whatever that new thing is, whether it's a smoky eye or trying to do a little more with eyeliner. Just try new things, and every time you'll get better and better. 

PS: Have you always been good at your own makeup? Did friends ask you to do theirs when you were younger?

CU: I've always loved it. I will say, there was a lot of trial and error, as so many teenagers go through when they're figuring everything out. People will ask me to [do their makeup, but] it's so different — drawing on someone else is different than drawing on yourself. I'll do my mom's sometimes, because she'll ask me, "How do I use this? What do I do with this?" 

PS: You've said doing your own makeup before a concert is therapeutic; what about your nighttime skin routine?