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PS: And now you're the mother! Fill in the blank: you know you're a mom when ________?

KB: There's a food stain on every shirt you own.

PS: What did you do to get your body in shape after the pregnancy?

KB: Pilates. Over the past six weeks, I did it four times a week, which helped a ton because normally I wouldn't have the time to do that much training. But I really wanted to kick it into high gear and feel good about my body this Summer. So I did for six weeks, four times a week. I changed my eating habits and gave up sugar for 30 days, which helped a ton.

PS: People say when you give up sugar you stop craving it. Did that happen to you?

KB: Yeah, it did. After about day four, I stopped craving it and there were moments of remembering the high I would get off sugar when I wanted it. But for the most part, it was easy after about day four. And to be honest with you, I just ended my 30 days and I just had some sugar two days ago, and I felt terrible.

PS: What did it feel like when you reintroduced sugar?

KB: It felt like . . . God I don't even know how to describe it. It felt like I was overtired but jittery at the same time. It felt like taking a shot of coffee in the middle of the night. Also, within an hour of having dessert, I started itching from eczema. I'm not a doctor officially, I'm not recognized by the United States medical community, but I do think there's a direct correlation between my sugar intake and my eczema flare-ups.

PS: Is there anything else you do to control eczema flare-ups?

KB: Dairy also. I stay away from sugar and dairy, and I find my eczema is completely under control. But if I have either one of them, I notice it immediately. Ice cream is a nightmare for me.

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