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PS: You are a former Miss World. What’s the best pageant beauty tip that you learned during your reign?

PC: During the pageant, it was very important to have your game face on all the time. Regardless, I was raised like that — to believe a woman is a lady [who should be] eloquent and well spoken. Also, during the pageants, a trick I learned is to stop observing and listening to what’s happening around you and [instead] keep centered. Right before you go on, even if you take five seconds to just be with yourself, somehow the world and the universe comes together for you. And I do that before I go on stage, make a public appearance, or do anything that makes me nervous.

PS: What’s the one thing that you think beauty queens should stop doing?

PC: The one thing that really bothers me about beauty queens is the women who don’t really believe in the things that they say and don’t understand the effect it will have. Girls shouldn’t take the intelligence of the audience for granted. The audience can tell the difference between a woman who really wants to make a difference in the world and a woman who is just saying she wants world peace, because that’s what she thinks you’re supposed to say. There should be actions behind the words that you say.

Image Source: Getty / MARTYN HAYHOW