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Does It Hurt? And Other Questions You Might Be Asking

Before getting laser hair removal, I was advised to avoid sun (not a problem) and medications like Retin A and antibiotics. I also had to shave (yes, with a razor) the parts of my skin that were getting lasered. I booked my first appointment expecting it to take half an hour, when in reality, it took less than five minutes.

The upper lip is a sensitive area for laser hair removal, but it's also a small area. I put on some protective shades and declined the "elective topical anesthetic," because the nurse made it sound like it was for wusses. Then, I sat back while she delivered a few quick laser pulses across the width of my lip while blasting cold air on my skin. It was slightly uncomfortable (a sort of stinging sensation, like getting slapped) but it also took less than 45 seconds.

They slathered me with a mix of aloe and sunscreen and sent me on my way. My upper lip was slightly red, but only for about half an hour. The results are immediate, and it was weeks before I noticed even a smidgen of hair.

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