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PS: Dovetailing off your signature glamorous look, one thing a lot of people don’t know about you is that you were also the valedictorian of your high school! Did you intentionally work hard to have the brains along with the beauty or were you naturally gifted in school?

CC: I try to make everyone know I was a valedictorian! I had an affinity for school. It was how my brain worked. It wasn’t like I had to overcome all these big hurdles to be good at it. But it also became how I defined myself. I saw myself as a straight-A student. I had made a bet with my dad early on that I would get straight As through junior high, and then when I won that bet I made [the same one again] for high school. Having [brains] gave me a confidence because in this business you are taken at face value a lot, but I knew I always had that in my back pocket to rely on. I knew I was smart even if other people didn’t, so I didn’t have to prove it per se.

PS: You’re known for your trademark mole. Did you look up to anyone growing up who also had a defining facial feature that influenced you in terms of beauty icons?

CC: I’ve always loved Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe. I love those really voluptuous women. And for models, I liked Paulina Porizkova, and I love Brooke Shields. I remember those Calvin Klein ads. Even though we’re about the same age, she was famous already. And then I also loved Pheobe Cates. So it was a mix, but the unifying factor was that it was [mostly] brunettes. That’s who I gravitated towards.

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