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PS: The lob (long bob) is a popular haircut right now. What do you think the next big style will be?

CM: I think women are going to start layering hair around their faces. The shag is going to make a big comeback. I think the short-haired girls are going to cut bangs — like the mullet meets the shag. Look at Edie Campbell and her haircut. She’s growing it out, but she’s keeping bangs. And they’re grasping onto the length of the back of her hair. Everyone kind of did the bob thing. I think people are going to start growing the back of their hair and keeping it shaped around their face — a little Farrah Fawcett-y, a little '70s, leaning towards the '80s. A lot of things are really leaning towards the '80s.

PS: I can’t wait. I’ve been waiting for the '80s to come back.

CM: Look at the Saint Laurent campaign with that hair. I think that it’s really fun. Once lengthy hair gets really heavy, everyone is going to want to lift it around their face. We’re cutting bangs again, not straight across, but people are opening up the hair around their faces. It also lends itself to letting your hair dry naturally.

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