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POPSUGAR: What are some beauty hair hacks for Summer?

Chris McMillan: Braid the hair and tap it with a flat iron. It gives you the wavy look. If you have thicker hair, create more braids. To get more of a curl, wrap a piece of hair around your finger, curl it up, and apply heat [clamp a flat iron over it]. Always make sure to use a heat protector like Living Proof Restore Instant Protection Spray ($26).

PS: What is one thing women forget to do during Summer? Or should stop doing?

CM: Rinse your hair before you go in the pool. Chlorine damages your hair, and the only way to get rid of damaged hair is to cut it. To prevent damaging, rinse your hair before you go in the pool, and then rinse it immediately with water after you get out. Take a garden hose to it or jump in the shower. Don’t let pool water dry in your hair.

PS: Let’s say you’re having a perfect hair day, but then you step outside and it frizzes. What should you do?

CM: Have a ponytail holder and a couple of bobby pins in your purse. Braid it and pull into a low pony. Or braid it and twist it into a bun. Always carry ponytail holders with you. Emi-Jay ponytail holders are my favorite. You can wear them on your wrist, and they look cute.