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POPSUGAR: Since you travel a lot, can you share some Summer travel tips?

Harley Viera-Newton: Yeah! I went out and bought the travel-size bottles you can put your products in. Before, I would throw in whatever travel-size products I had and would end up messing up my routine because I didn’t have the products that I love. I invested in the tiny bottles, so now I can take my face wash and toner, all the things I actually like. It makes a difference, so I would recommend everyone to do that.

PS: With so much time spent flying, how do you care for your skin?

HVN: Definitely extra moisturizer; I always have moisturizer on hand because my skin gets so dry. I love Elizabeth Arden's Eight-Hour Cream. Also, drinking water helps — I know it’s such a mom thing to say — but it makes such a difference if you’re hydrated while you’re traveling. Your skin looks less dead. It's actually made a difference.

PS: What other beauty products are you taking along with you?

HVN: Tools that have multiple uses are great for traveling; a cheek stain that also works as a lip stain. And when you find the ones you love, if you throw those in your bag, you'll have everything all at once.

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