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PS: As a DJ, your work requires a lot of late nights; how do you refresh afterward?

HVN: It doesn’t matter how late I get home or how tired I am, I always take off my makeup. I use Neutrogena wipes and I also have a Clarisonic. I usually wear a red lip and a cat eye, and you can’t go to sleep with those on without destroying your bed.

PS: So you love to wear bright red lips and cat eyes; how did you settle on that look?

HVN: Through playing around and being lucky enough to go to shoots and have makeup done by professionals, I've just learned what looks good on my face. I would try a dark smoky eye and it would look terrible, and I would look like I have under-eye circles. There are just some things that don’t work for you but look amazing on someone else. And it’s frustrating, but you just figure out what works for you. Also, I like that it’s a strong look but it still feels clean to me, not like it’s going to smudge all over my face. It has that throwback feel, and I don’t have to think about what I am wearing.

PS: Would you ever try a Lorde purple lipstick?

HVN: No, it's not for me. Because I travel and get to wear a lot of fun clothes, it’s nice to have my makeup uniform so I always feel like myself. Even if I am in a crazy outfit or in a crazy place, I still feel like me. It helps with confidence when you’re alone and in a random place; you have some continuity, you feel like yourself.

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