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How Does It Work?

i-Lipoxcell uses laser technology to zero in on fat. A dual wavelength of red light penetrates the fat cells in a targeted area and pops them open, which allows the fatty acid contents to leak out like air escaping from a balloon. This technique causes the same physiological response of a fat cell that occurs when you diet and exercise, except instead of running, lifting weights, or climbing stairs to burst open your fat cells and deflate them, i-Lipoxcell uses its signature red light. "That means this process is completely natural and is something your body expects to happen, which is why this works so well," explains Dr. Heskett. "We’re working with the natural functions of the body."

The result is fat loss that can range anywhere from a quarter of an inch up to three inches in one 20 minute session, depending on how much fat you have to lose. "Still, heavier people don’t necessarily do better than thinner people," Dr. Heskett assures. "There are visible results on patients of every size."

The reason for such successful results? Although you’re burning just 300 calories (about the equivalent of a bagel and cream cheese) in one appointment, which you could achieve in a single workout session without a problem, the difference is that the i-Lipoxcell laser burns those calories from a concentrated area as opposed to all over your body like with traditional exercise, which is why you’re able to see results in that specific region immediately. "The calories you’re burning at the gym could be from your glycogen source, which would not be from your fat at all, but this is specifically targeting fat," says Dr. Heskett. "Every little fat cell balloon in that precise area is dumping its contents during the treatment and shrinking, which is how you lose the inches."

What Happens When You Go in For the Treatment?

For starters, the i-Lipoxcell includes four laser paddles and two circulation probes. First, Dr. Heskett positioned the four paddles around the perimeter of one of my thighs. The paddles have multiple holes on the bottom where the laser light is emitted. Next, Dr. Heskett arranged both circulation probes on either side of my groin to stimulate the blood circulation so the fatty acids that were released from my thigh would enter my blood flow quickly and escape the area completely. "I’ve found through my practice that the probes make the laser work 50 times better," Dr. Heskett divulges. "This technology is unique in that it integrates this original circulation facet."

Dr. Heskett turned on the laser for 10 minutes, then reorganized the four paddles on my other thigh and repeated the process for another 10 minutes. During that time, the paddles warmed up a bit, but they didn’t turn hot. The warmth felt comforting, like a sunray kissing your thigh through a windowpane. Otherwise, I swear that I felt hardly anything at all. I maybe felt the minutest tingle after a few minutes on my outer thighs, but that could’ve been me just wanting to feel something. Beyond that, my muscles contracted a handful of times, but I’m not sure if that was from the laser or if it was from me speed-walking to my appointment just minutes before.

Beyond the laser paddles and circulation probes, the machine also comes outfitted with a vacuum massager to further increase blood circulation and enhance lymphatic drainage if needed. This kneading suction head also uses infrared technology and radio frequency to help tighten the area for those with looser skin, although we didn’t use this feature on myself. "This machine truly comes with everything to reduce fat and contour the body," says Dr. Heskett.

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