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She's Too Young

Obviously. You have to love a cautionary tale of the good girl who goes bad and contracts a slew of STDs. It's basically Coach Carr's "don't have sex — you will get pregnant and die" speech from Mean Girls stretched out for an hour and a half. And who wouldn't want that?

— Maria Del Russo, beauty assistant editor

When I was in high school, my mom's and my idea of fun was watching Lifetime movies together, and one of our favorites was She's Too Young. It's one of those mother-daughter movies that's probably best not to be watched with your mother or daughter. Totally awkward.

— Hedy Phillips, copy editor

I absolutely have to second She's Too Young! I saw it in high school (sans my mom, though, thank goodness), and it sort of made me happy I was a bit of a prude teenager. It reminded me of that Degrassi episode where Emma gets an STD, and I just absolutely adore Marcia Gay Harden. Wow, I never thought I'd write those two things together, but aggressive mom for the win!

— Emelie Burnette, copy editor

Source: Lifetime

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