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Theon Greyjoy

  • Where we left off: Throughout season three, Theon Greyjoy is tortured by Ramsay, Roose Bolton's bastard son. Ramsay is originally sent on Robb Stark's order because Robb wants to ask Theon about the fall of Winterfell before he executes Theon himself. But like his father, who turns on Robb and kills him, Ramsay takes the torture in a different direction. He goes so far as to have Theon castrated, then forces him to go by a new name — "Reek," because he smells.
  • What's next: Balon and Yara Greyjoy receive a very interesting package (as in, Theon's d*ck in a box) and Yara becomes angry, so she's ready to try to rescue her brother.

Image Source: HBO