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Noel Kahn

Why it's possible:

  • Even if Ali trusts him, he could be working for the other side. Plus, Shana betrayed Ali, right? Noel could too.
  • Noel totally has a bad-boy streak. He's been involved with Mona, and we've seen him hanging out with older crowds, just like Ali.
  • He was the only other person in NYC with the girls. He took their cell phones, and he was noticeably absent when everything went to pieces.

Why it's not:

  • Ali's been pretty smart this whole time. She wouldn't trust Noel unless she really knew she could put her faith in him.
  • Noel's been gone for a long time, and he doesn't have a strong motive for wanting to hurt any of the girls, Ali especially.
  • He personally organizes Ali's escape. If "A" comes after her, she'd have one big suspect on her list. He wouldn't risk it.

Source: ABC Family

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