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Melissa Hastings

Why it's possible:

  • Melissa clearly knows something, and now we know she might be involved in the death of Mrs. DiLaurentis.
  • She admits to dressing as one of the two Queens of Hearts.
  • When Spencer confronts Melissa about her association with the "A" team, she admits to being involved.
  • She has motive to want to hurt Alison, who had an affair with her now-dead husband, Ian.
  • Ian was on the N.A.T. club, and Melissa was definitely tangled in that web too.

Why it's not:

  • Melissa has been in London for an internship.
  • She might really have gotten into this whole mess to protect Spencer.
  • It's too obvious! Melissa has done a lot of shady stuff throughout the show's run, and she's been a pretty constant suspect.

Source: ABC Family

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