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PS: DJ and Kimmy were lifelong friends on the show, and now that's true of you and Andrea Barber, too. Do you have any favorite memories with her?

CB: We have so many memories together. We're closer now than we've ever been before. I think when we became mothers and had our children, that really brought us close together. My favorite thing at this point, a big connection for us, is running races. I love that we just kind of get down and dirty and exercise together. We're good motivation for one another.

PS: It's a pretty unique experience to be a child star. What's it like to sort of watch yourself grow up on screen?


CB: Well, I don't really watch myself grow up on it anymore. It's just my life. It was what it was, so it wasn't weird to me. I was so used to it, but I loved every minute of it, so I only have good memories about it. I wouldn't change anything.

PS: The show was so full of lessons, and DJ was always giving advice to Stephanie and Michelle. Was there anything personally that you took from being on the show?

CB: The show really took a lot of our own personal stories, so I think it's not so much that I learned from the show, but that the show's writing was based a lot upon our own lives.

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