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This Isn't Your Typical Crime Drama

Instead of being a case-of-the-week procedural, Graceland focuses on the drama of its characters with many twists and turns. In season one, Mike (Tveit) and Briggs (Sunjata) team up in some illegal situations (like the moment pictured here), Charlie (Vanessa Ferlito) gets addicted to heroin to maintain her cover, and much more. This season's arcs will put the agents in the middle of two illegal industries: drugs and sex trafficking. Everyone will have to work together as they discover a "corridor of contraband coming across the border through passenger busses," according to Tveit. "There's an element to it that these girls come in who are also getting sold into human trafficking."

Additionally, one big crime involves Briggs. Tveit hinted that in the second half of the season, "all of the tape stuff is going to rear its head." This is something that will haunt Briggs all season, knowing that it could not only cost him his job and land him in jail, but it will change the way everyone sees him. "The thing you fear most is that that thing is going to be revealed, and how that’s going to change the perception of the people who are closest to you, whose opinions about you matter to you," Sunjata explained. "For Briggs, he’s not just afraid about going to jail; he’s afraid about, 'What would Charlie think? What would Mike think if he found out?'"

Source: USA Network

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