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POPSUGAR: This was your first time seeing the film. What did you think?

Patricia Field: I enjoyed it because at the end of the day, the audience only knows what's on the screen, so if a better idea comes along, [points to the screen] that's what you're going to see. It was fun. I enjoyed it. People say it looked really good, but I said, 'OK, but is it funny?' You can dress it nice, but it's gotta make you laugh.

PS: Of the leading ladies, who was your favorite to work with?

PF: Leslie Mann – she just doesn't stop. I really think she was the highlight of this movie, and actually . . . I was inspired immediately by her. She started out as this airhead. Like a woman from the '50s, a throwback. I thought of her as a Charlotte-type of genre. She had a great body, was easy to dress, so we went for a Stepford wife suburban wacky girl. I enjoyed her wardrobe most.

PS: One of the best scenes, costume-wise, was in the bar, where every single patron is wearing all black, and then there's Leslie, who just pops in that canary-yellow cardigan and pink floral dress. Did you conceptualize that?

PF: I like that one – she's like a bumblebee! Whenever we achieve that, anything animated on her, it's like comedic animation.

PS: You actually took on this film for the chance to work with Cameron Diaz. What about her drew you in?

PF: Cameron is a professional. I love working with pros. She teaches me as well, like working with Meryl Streep. And Cameron, she wears clothes well.

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