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PS: Did you ever think, "Why don't I just design it myself?"

WP: That's too much for me. I am not a bridal designer. I wanted to put that responsibility on someone else.

PS: But have you found that your background as a fashion designer has helped you along?

WP: Definitely. Obviously a wedding is about the couple and the union itself, the love, but making it pretty and elegant is the cherry on the cake. Making that environment is what I thrive on — with the design elements of the wedding, like the flowers and the linens.

PS: Styling is so important, especially on your wedding day. What tips can you give brides who are overwhelmed by all the different options?

WP: Less is more on your wedding day. You want to be comfortable, and it’s obviously a long day, and you don’t want to be sweating through your makeup. You don’t want to have crazy hair accessories, at least not for me — I’m more of a low-maintenance girl. I want to move around freely, and when people embrace me, I don’t want them to be afraid to touch me. I think it’s just making sure comfort is key, because once you’re in the moment, you’re going to be wishing, "Ugh, I wish I was a little toned down." Or, "I wish I wasn’t wearing red lipstick."

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